25 years ago, two 12″ called “Earthbound 1” and “Earthbound 2” respectively was launched anonymously as white label, in a limited series of 1000 copies. It was the creative mind of The Prodigy, Liam Howlett, and their record company, XL Recordings. The album was intentionally released in an unusual way in response to growing criticism from the music community about The Prodigy.
After the great success of “Charly” and “Experience”, the songs of the band were literally banned from the underground environment for killing Rave spirit and bringing the Hardcore scene overground and into the charts. So Liam decided to do something different to see what the reactions would be. Of course the mysterious record became a massive hit into the underground scene with the DJ’s and ravers but as soon as the DJ’s found out that it was by The Prodigy, they took it off their playlists. With this act, Howlett had shown that The Prodigy was still capable of making pioneering dance music praised by the underground.
Like Prodigy, the english label XL Recordings also bridges the gap between commercial and underground electronic scene. Founded in 1989 as a independent record label by Tim Palmer, Nick Halkes and Richard Russell, initially was specialized in Rave and Dance music but, over the years, has expanded its horizons becoming one of the most influential labels in the world. During the early nineties, XL releases were dance oriented ranging from Belgium Techno, Hardcore Breakbeat and Drum’n’Bass. This legendary period of label’s history has been recorded on the “XL Recording Chapters Compilation Series”. Here a selection of the 12 essential rave classic tracks published by the label in those years and a small flyers gallery.