1994, Berlin. The Love Parade weekend represented for hundreds of thousands of people, throughout the city, a moment of pure hedonistic abandonment where Techno and liberation went hand in hand.
However, in those hours of cheerfulness and chaos, a counter-current group tried to break the pattern of the Parade’s homogeneous music by organizing an event focused on new and unusual music in the temple of Techno, Tresor. The Interference Festival was born, a 3-day ‘international conference’ focused on Ambient and Experimental Music. The first real event dedicated to the exploration of the mind through sounds.

1974, London. As it is told, following a road accident that blocks him for a long time at home, the British composer and musician Brian Eno, after having experienced a type of listening he was not used to, coined for first the word “Ambient” Music.
From this moment things wouldn’t have been the same. A new idea of music was born that, as he himself said, can be actively listened to carefully as it can be easily ignored, depending on the listener’s choice.
The concept of Background music had already existed before, but thanks to Eno was created a music that incorporated the New Age ideals with the modular synthesizer just invented. A music that creates an atmosphere and changes the mood of the listener.


Very soon, this dreamy and psychedelic style contaminated the work of many musicians in the Dance and Synth scenes, seeing the development of a new wave of artists such as The Orb, Aphex Twin, Global Communication, Biosphere and Higher Intelligence Agency that mixed the quiet sounds of Ambient music to the melodies and rhythms of Electro, Techno, Trance and Dub giving life to something never heard before.
This post-rave genres emerged from the UK Ecstasy Culture and, originally, were applied in relaxed downtempo ‘chillout rooms’, outside of the main dance floor, where they were played to ease the tripping mind and explore the connections of the senses by stimulating the attainment of spiritual transcendence and physical well-being.


But go back to 1994.
The Interference Festival was born from the minds of Uwe Reinecke and Matthias Roenigh, AKA Dr. Motte, important personalities in the German Rave Scene, both inspired by the passage of this emerging music.
The two created a program that looks like a dream wish list for every Ambient Music fan of that era.
In addition to Deep Space Network, Spacetime Continuum, Higher Intelligence Agency and Panasonic, Reinecke and Motte have added many Berlin artists who, for this festival, have played unusual and exclusive sets like Richie Hawtin as Plastickman, Sun Electric, Pete Namlook, Thomas Fehlmann and many others.
Divided into 4 stages, the artists tried to keep the styles constantly fluctuating, from the heavier sounds to the more delicate ones, in order to offer, between the confusion and the wonder of those present, the widest possible musical experience.


The impact of Interference ’94 was felt on numerous levels. Many influential figures have congratulated the success and ambition of the event, including Jeff Mills and members of Kraftwerk, New Order and Tangerine Dream. But despite this, the festival of ‘rebels’ , focused on listening, never happened again.
More than 20 years after, Interference ’94 still stands out in the memories of so many weekend of exceptional music, representing an important anthology that contributed to the diffusion of the Ambient style and showed the abilities of Electronic Music to explore the depths of the mind and create a universal dimension beyond nations and colors, a dimension with no bounds.

Below you can find a selected playlist of true early Ambient Techno and Dub classics. So, turn off your mind, relax and go with the flow.